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Copy and Editorial Deadlines

As well as featuring articles on entertainment and general interest, towns and villages, there’ll be news on shows, galas, festivals and places to visit, music and theatre and a full diary of events.

Therefore we would love to hear from you!

Please submit any information you have about your events, galas and festivals and we’ll try our best to publish as much of it as we can – ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!

The publication is printed monthly and our print deadline information is as follows: -


January - Copy deadline: 20th November
February - Copy deadline: 20th December 
March - Copy deadline: 20th January 
April - Copy deadline: 20th February
May - Copy deadline: 20th March
June - Copy deadline: 20th April
July - Copy deadline: 20th May
August - Copy deadline: 20th June
September - Copy deadline: 20th July
- Copy deadline: 20th August
- Copy deadline: 20th September
- Copy deadline: 20th October

Please note that space is not guaranteed and that it will be allotted on a choice basis by us. Please email all submissions to

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