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Spectacular Summer Sales

the weather is warm, the days are long and the sales are spectacular!

Summer is a great time of year: the weather is warm, the days are long and the sales are spectacular! With all the weddings, parties, balls, barbecues and festivals to attend, it goes without saying that we wouldn’t be able to afford it all without those wonderful sales providing bargains at every turn.

Summer SalesFirst things first, check for vouchers to use. Your Local Choice magazine is jampacked with fantastic monthly offers that you can use, or take a look at our vouchers page for the best local offers for the Lake District, Lancaster and Morecambe. These vouchers are specially put together exclusively for Local Choice readers so you know you are receiving the very latest, high quality deals to save you money.

When you’re out there shopping, avoid being drawn in by the previous higher price and decide whether the item in question is worth the discounted price it is listed at. Ensure you check if you can have a refund on sale goods, particularly if you’re buying for a friend or as a gift for someone. Some retailers will only refund credit notes for sale items or offer no refund at all so it’s always best to know where you stand if you think you might end up returning the item.

summer salesSet yourself a budget and stick to it. It’s much easier to say that than to put it into practice but overspending is not the best way to experience sale shopping. It’s easy to slip an extra couple of tops into your shopping basket because ‘they’re so cheap it’d be silly not to’, but if you end up struggling to pay the bills because of those purchases you will regret doing so!

Take your time with your sale shopping. It might sound a bit like an oxymoron when everything associated with sale shopping is the mad rush up and down the aisles like a frantic fashion version of Supermarket Sweep, but if you slow down and think about your purchases you’ll be much better off.

Think outside the box and buy out of season. Current season item reductions are often of ‘extreme’ sizes only, so you’re much more likely to find something out of season that will fit. Bear in mind that if you’re buying out of season, make sure that it’s an item of clothing that won’t go out of fashion straightaway.

Looking Ahead – 2014 Autumn / Winter Collections

While all the summer sales are dominating the high-street windows, slowly but surely the new stock for autumn and winter will start creeping its way onto the shop floor. The autumn collections are looking instantly covetable with recognisable prints, fabrics and motifs catching the eye. While everyone else is hurtling through the sale aisle why not take a step back and search out the new stock before everyone else? Summer Sales

Expect bold, striped and zip-fronted moulded knits teamed with high-waisted and narrow-legged trousers to provide a sophisticated look. Floral prints aren’t just for the summer and expect to see them making statements in neutral shades on neat A-line skirts.

Head-to-toe knitwear is being seen on many of the catwalks and will certainly look great and keep you warm throughout the colder months of the year. And look out for the chicest of accessories of all with a smorgasbord of clutch bags sporting Tony the Tiger and the Kellog’s cockerel as well as McVities biscuits, Daz and Ariel plastered on Anya Hindmarch’s hold-alls.

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August 19, 2014