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The Honey Tree Restaurant Review

"freshly prepared and delicious, using only the finest ingredients"

It was a crisp January evening when I decided to take my loyal team at Local Choice out for a well deserved meal after a hard year at work.

restaurant review of honey tree in morecambeThere were eight of us and I knew that if we went to the Honey Tree on Morecambe seafront they would be able to easily cater for a party of this size and that we would enjoy the great atmosphere that you always get here, although I would advise booking, as it always surprises me how busy they get, even midweek!

Mrs Ip was on hand to greet us, as always (over 30 years now) and along with her team it is no wonder why you are assured that the food and service at the Honey Tree is consistently good.

We were seated at a lovely large table, so that we all had plenty of space and there was fresh water and prawn crackers to munch on, whilst we ordered our food and drinks.

The menu selection is very extensive and includes a main menu, banquet menu, happy hour menu (buffet style), specials menu, gluten free menu, or set meals, but no matter what you choose you know that it will be freshly prepared and delicious, using only the finest ingredients.

Mrs Ip is very proud of the fact that the house specialities are based on authentic Hong Kong Street Food, so I always ask her to take control of what we eat and she never gets it wrong. But, if you would rather choose your own food you won’t be disappointed with the endless selection of meat, pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes on offer.

local choice review of honey tree restaurantOn this occasion we started with a selection chicken spring rolls, which were full of flavour and satay beef sticks, followed by a middle course of crispy Peking duck, with plum sauce, mixed vegetables and pancakes. This is my all time Chinese favourite and a welcome sight.

The selection of main courses were a sheer delight as they were all placed on the hot plates in front of us. These included Chicken and Chinese sausage, which were quite unique and very tasty spicy, vegetarian Singapore noodles, which were hot and added a kick to the palate. Crispy sweet chilli fish, with crispy rice noodles, char siu pork, with chilli and garlic, sizzling beef with garlic and black bean sauce, vegetarian, mixed vegetables with cashew nuts, which were light, crisp and delicious and a hot and spicy Thai Green Curry, which was one of the tastiest I have ever had.

All these dishes were served with a selection of boiled and fried rice and we washed all this down with a few delicious bottles of Prosecco.

For dessert it was simply an absolute act of gluttony for us all, as we were offered delicious sweet banana fritters and fresh dairy ice-cream (and lashings of it too). Honey Tree in Morecambe for Restaurant Review

Last, but not least, we had fresh towels to cleanse ourselves with, along with oranges, fortune cookies and a delicious blend of coffee.

Whether you are looking for an intimate dining experience, or a raucous special occasion, the Honey Tree never disappoints and with Chinese New Year approaching on Thursday February 19th, why not celebrate with them oriental style? You won’t regret it!

Review by Mark Prada


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February 18, 2015